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Here at Robert Harris, we’re on a journey to produce our coffee more responsibly.

The Robert Harris coffee capsules are now more sustainable.

The capsules themselves are made from recyclable aluminium significantly reducing our carbon footprint.

The coffee inside the capsules still has the same great taste that our customers know and love.

The capsules are proudly Rainforest Alliance certified and are easy to recycle through Robert Harris Coffee Capsules Free Recycling Programme.

The cardboard packaging is also recyclable through your regular kerbside recycling scheme.

How to recycle your used Robert Harris aluminium coffee capsules

Step 1: Simply create a TerraCycle account to join the recycling programme. Start collecting your Robert Harris aluminium coffee capsules. Once they are dry, place them in a bag inside any reusable box you have at home.

Step 2: When you’re ready to send your capsules back, sign into your TerraCycle account to download and print your prepaid shipping label.

Step 3: Seal your box, apply the shipping label, and drop it into your local post office.

The coffee in Robert Harris aluminium coffee capsules is grown using more sustainable farming practices, making them proudly Rainforest Alliance certified.

The seal stands for a better future for people and the planet. To learn more about the Rainforest Alliance, click here.


Rainforest Alliance

We’ve partnered with TerraCycle to create the Robert Harris Coffee Capsules Free Recycling Programme to divert used aluminium coffee capsules from landfill.

This programme allows customers in New Zealand to recycle their used aluminium coffee capsules for free.
Aluminium is one of the most recyclable materials in the world. It is important to collect and recycle this material to give it a second life.

Once collected, the Robert Harris aluminium coffee capsules are shredded to separate the coffee ground from the capsule. The capsule is then melted and remoulded to make new recycled products.

To learn more about Terracycle click here.

Robert Harris Coffee Capsules Free Recycling Programme

To thank customers for their commitment to diverting waste from landfills, a $1 donation is made to Breast Cancer Foundation NZ for every kilogram of accepted waste sent through the Robert Harris Coffee Capsules Free Recycling Programme.

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